• ERGO Spirometry

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    The Ergo Spirometry software determines VE, VT, BF, VO2, VCO2, RQ, pulse, PET O2 and PET CO2, as well as a wide range of secondary parameters with real-time monitor display. The software allows you to perform measurements and evaluate the data according to your requirements. Everything, from measurement process to evaluation and display of measured data, can be simply configured as you desire. You or your staff can easily perform modifications at any time.

  • GANSHORN SpiroJet with LF8

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    The know how of laboratory pulmonary function system in a low budget compact format A handy computer-based Spirometry system with all advantages of the GANSHORN LF8 program For Spirometry, Flow/Volume and MVV-measurement Integrated program for pre/post-comparison, bronchospasmolysis, and monitoring of challenge tests Large animation programs for patient motivation Graphical assistance tool for monitoring patient cooperation assure optimal breathing manoeuvres High quality accessories for maximum precision, e.g. absolute humidity insensitive pneumotach Meets ATS/ERS standards

  • Holter ECG

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    You too can profit from our 20 years of experience as the pioneer of digital long-term ECG systems. At a time when the precursors to today’s MP3 players were nothing more than portable cassette recorders, Medset had already set the benchmark with the world’s very first fully functional digital 24 hour Holter recorder.

  • Vacuum Device

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    The Strassle suction electrode system works in perfect harmony with your FLASHLIGHT or FLASHLIGHT ERGO

    equipment. This electrode cable achieves maximum ECG quality and guarantees efficient workflows in your

    functional diagnostic department. Running costs are minimized because no gel electrodes are required.