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Screen & Go

The Screen&Go is a powerful single channel SAHS screening device that uses a nasal cannula (standard) to provide the necessary signals for an easy, reliable and fast diagnosis of the patient. The device follow the latest guidelines AASM (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) and the GES (Spanish Sleep Group). Expandable up to 7 simultaneous channels: respiratory flow through a nasal cannula and a thermocouple, snoring, chest effort, oxygen saturation, beats per minute, body position and activity.

Cardiac Output measurement by Inert Gas Rebreathing (IGR)

Inert Gas Rebreathing (IGR) method The IGR method is based on the principle that the flow of blood through the lungs (pulmonary blood flow) is proportional to the wash-out rate of a gas that is soluble in blood and that is absorbed during breathing by the pulmonary alveoli. Pulmonary shunt If the patient has an intrapulmonary shunt, the percentage shunt flow will be calculated on the basis of the Fick principle for oxygen, stated in % and the pulmonary blood flow to [...]